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Anything in Nebraska?

My guy and I are driving from Rhode Island to Oregon this summer, stopping with various friends along the way. The one place we are friendless but want to go is Nebraska. Normally we'd try to avoid NE (we've done the drive across a couple of times, that's enough for me forever) but we want to swing by Carhenge in Alliance, before driving down to a friend in Colorado.

We will be coming from Lawrence, KS and want to drive at least part of the way off the interstate. We are also committed to getting as many meals as possible from our Roadfood book. The plan is to drive west from Lawrence, stop for lunch in Salina, KS at the Cozy Inn, then ditch the interstate and drive north into NE. A state highway runs northwest toward Alliance. I am hoping to find a motel for the night somewhere along the way, then get up in the morning and drive to Carhenge. Once we've seen it (I hear it won't be more than a 1/2 hour or so of entertainment) we'll head down to Buffalo Springs, CO.

Any thoughts on ANYthing in Nebraska. Roadfood is pretty silent on NE, which does not bode well for our tastebuds. Any thoughts on towns or food to keep an eye out for - I'd be thrilled. (As local as they are, I think we'll try to avoid runza huts!)
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