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Getting Out Of The Navy And Driving From VA to CA (home)

Hello All,
I am getting out of the Navy in the next week and I have to drive my car all the way from the 23511 (Newport News, VA) to the 95691 (West Sacramento, CA)
It's going to be a long trip:
NOB to west sacramento, ca

Starting from: Norfolk, VA 23511
Arriving at: West Sacramento, CA 95691-3101
Distance:2969.7 miles
Approximate Travel Time:42 hours 45 mins


1. Starting at the center of zip code 23511 on PATROL RD - go 0.2 mi
2. Make a Sharp Turn on TOWER ST - go 0.3 mi
3. Turn on 3RD AVE - go 0.1 mi
4. Turn on W D ST - go 0.2 mi
5. Turn on 1ST AVE - go 0.2 mi
6. Turn on BELLINGER BLVD - go 0.1 mi
7. Bear onto I-564 EAST - go 2.1 mi
8. Take the I-64 WEST exit toward HAMPTON - go 401.9 mi
9. Take fork onto I-77 NORTH toward PARKERSBURG - go 130.3 mi
10. Take exit #44B onto I-70 WEST toward COLUMBUS - go 70.5 mi
11. Take exit #108A-B onto I-270 SOUTH toward CINCINNATI - go 21.0 mi
12. Take exit #8 onto I-70 WEST toward INDIANAPOLIS - go 159.7 mi
13. Take exit #90 onto I-465 SOUTH - go 5.6 mi
14. I-465 SOUTH becomes I-74 WEST - go 134.3 mi
15. Take exit #179A onto I-57 SOUTH toward DECATUR/MEMPHIS - go 2.2 mi
16. Take exit #235B onto I-72 WEST toward SPRINGFIELD/DECATUR - go 183.5 mi
17. I-72 WEST becomes US-36 WEST - go 155.9 mi
18. US-36 WEST becomes I-35-BL SOUTH - go 0.5 mi
19. I-35-BL SOUTH becomes US-36 WEST - go 30.0 mi
20. Take ramp onto I-29 NORTH toward COUNCIL BLUFFS - go 87.8 mi
21. Take exit #10 toward NEBR CITY/SIDNEY - go 0.3 mi
22. Turn on IA-2 WEST - go 3.2 mi
23. IA-2 WEST becomes STERLING MORTON BELT[NE-2] - go 4.1 mi
24. Continue to follow NE-2 WEST - go 47.1 mi
25. Take ramp onto HOMESTEAD EXPY toward I-80 - go 2.7 mi
26. Take ramp onto I-80 WEST - go 1512.9 mi
27. Take exit #95/I-80-BL onto I-80-BUS WEST toward SACRAMENTO - go 10.7 mi
28. I-80-BUS WEST becomes US-50 WEST - go 0.9 mi
29. Take the JEFFERSON BLVD exit toward BUSINESS DISTRICT - go 0.7 mi
30. Turn on W CAPITOL AVE - go 0.5 mi



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