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I'm planning way ahead, but...

I'm going to be moving from DC to Seattle in April of next year. I've plotted my route, and I'd like some input on what's worth seeing/tasting/buying/smelling(!) along the way...

So with that in mind, I ask you, the road-trippers of LJ:

What can you recommend along my route?

- From VA on 95, to 495, to 270, to 70 (It's home, I doubt I'll stop much on that stretch)

- Through West VA and Maryland on 68 (past Hagerstown and Cumberland in MD and Morgantown in WV)

- Up 79 past Washington, PA to 70

- 70 through far western PA, Wheeling WV, Ohio (past Columbus), and into Indiana.

- 74 from Indianapolis through Illinois (past Bloomington, Peoria, Moline/Quad Cities)

- 80 from the Quad Cities, past Iowa City and Des Moines

- 29 up to Sioux City and Siox Falls

- 90 across South Dakota, past Mitchell (Corn Palace!), Rapid City and Sturgis; then up into the Northeast corner of Wyoming (Gillette and Sheridan)

- Staying on 90 through Montana (Billings, Bozeman, Butte, Missoula) and past Coeur d'Alene in ID; then through Washington from Spokane to Seattle.

I'm looking for cheap but safe motels, good diners and local eateries, little tourist traps I may not be aware of, stuff like that... Thanks in advance!!!

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