Nerdy Sanchez (iggee25) wrote in x_country_drive,
Nerdy Sanchez

When the road has been too loooooong...

...And you thought I just gave up on my little baby community... Pffft!
Well, I've finally received the opportunity of a lifetime and am currently touring the country in a sleeper bus with none other than Bette Midler (go ahead, make assumptions, sucker!)...
So... Has anyone else been privy to this rock and roll lifestyle?
As far as I can tell, it's a whole lot of sleeping... and... well... let's just say some other "wholesome" activities not involving sleep...

So far I've been to the midwest (Columbus, Oh, Milwaukee, St. Paul, Northeast Pennsyltucky)... And now we appear to be conquering the east coast.
Feel free to follow the progress at: (not sure if the dates are right, but I'll update them here.)
If we're coming to your town, lemme know!

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