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Pending roadtrip

My itinerary is set - on saturday my guy and I leave our current home in Rhode Island for Oregon. We are taking a few weeks and are visiting friends along the way.

Washington DC
Highlights: friends, monuments, museums

Harrisburg, PA
Highlights: grandmother and assorted relatives

Chicago, IL
Highlights: friends, art
*the drive takes us past a great chicken shack in ohio

Red Oak, IA
Highlights: friends, including a friend's bluegrass band, porch sitting

Lawrence, KS
Highlight: a friend who is so thrilled that anyone would visit her in Lawrence

Seneca, NE
Highlights: b&b on a "scenic" highway (off the interstate, at least!) that is a rest stop on our way to visit Carhenge!

Buffalo Creek, CO
Highlights: friends, their off-the-grid house in the forest, outdoor fun

Salt Lake City, UT
Highlights: family, good mexican food (no, really)

Boone's Ferry, ID
Highlight: deliver sea shells to mechanic Jimmy in thanks for taking care of a stranded friend. (this is what he asked her for!)

Portland, OR
Highlight: friends, family, our new/old city!

I highly recommend the book Roadfood to anyone taking a roadtrip. We've used it a little and will lean heavily on it on this trip. Good food!

The only wrinkle is the car! We took it to the local mechanics FOR AN OIL CHANGE and the screwed something up. Now it is stalling after running about 20 minutes. We took it to the dealer and I'm crossing my fingers that they'll figure out what is wrong and fix it (soon!).
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I have been told I do a mean "Delta Dawn" though it's a song heard from childhood. I do my own oil changes 'cause it's waaay too easy to do (i can tell ya how) I do everything else to my ride 'cause I bought the book, but it's stilll better to have the warranty if ya don't get it just right. The clutch and tranny stuuf can be a biaatch. I just like being able to do what I can and take pride 'cause I got me an edumacation and stuff in mechanical maintenanace. Do what ya can and leave the rest to someone who will have to do it over 'cause ya paid for it and ya hadn't done it before, and maybe learn somethin' for next time to save money.
I had to start a JEEP account instaed of savings with my bank just for such purposes. JEEPS RULE!!!!!! OK, maybe some of the hummers do too, I just don't quite get how the limos fit in...
I said the delta dawn thing because of the post of bluegrass thing from Red Oak... sorry